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TYME Iron: Dramatic Side-Swept Look

By Tyme

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Learn how to get the perfect dramatic side-swept look!

Step 1: Start with Your Favorite TYME Curls

Step 2: Create a Side Part

Step 3: Twist a Small Piece Back

Step 4: Bobby Pin Into Place

TYME Tip: Use Smaller Bobby Pins and Don't Open Them As You Secure the Hair to Hide Them!

Step 5: Create a Second Twist Under the First One, Subtly Adding In Hair As You Twist

TYME Tip: If You Have Fine Hair, Put the Wavy Side of the Bobby Pin Towards Your Head

Step 6: Repeat with A Third, Fourth and Fifth Twist

Step 7: Pin Each Twist Into Place at Their Anchor Points

Step 8: Secure Any Loose Twists with Extra Bobby Pins

Step 9: Lightly Hairspray Into Place

TYME Tip: Use the Side of the Hairspray Can to Smooth Fly-aways